Although the Florida Panhandle is in the southern portion of the country, our area still gets winter weather that cannot be ignored. There’s something about our high humidity that when mixed with a brisk cold front, makes living without a functioning heating system downright miserable! Just ask our Snowbirds that “winter” here from up north, and they’ll agree.

As we are primarily a cooling region, most of our heating sources are tied in with our air conditioning systems, and are either natural gas furnaces or electric heat pumps. It is important that your heating system, as well as the ductwork that serves it, is operating at peak efficiency and is sized properly to eliminate needless utility overpayment.

Whether your heat is provided by natural gas or electricity, Jordan Air Enterprises, Inc. is the company you can trust for your indoor comfort. We know how to keep your system operating safely, efficiently, and reliably. If we can be of service to you, please give us a call at (850) 678-2313 or send us an email.

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