Planned Service Maintenance

Planned Maintenance for Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

The surprise and inconvenience of a cooling or heating malfunction is just that – Surprising, and down-right inconvenient. Jordan Air Enterprises, Inc. offers a Planned Service Maintenance agreement which helps to reduce those needless and untimely air condition and heating system breakdowns. Scheduled before the onset of the approaching winter and summer seasons, our Planned Service Maintenance is designed to identify problems and eliminate them before they interrupt your comfort and your schedule. Why not rely on our Planned Service Maintenance so you can stay comfortable year-round?
Our Planned Service Maintenance agreement is not a contract. It is an agreement between our company and you to coordinate, call, and schedule when it’s time for your service. This agreement can be cancelled anytime with no obligation whatsoever. We only accept payment upon the satisfactory completion of our service. Jordan Air Enterprises, Inc. chooses to always perform business in this fashion with our valued clients. We truly value your business, and we want you to know it. If we can be of service to you, please give us a call at (850) 678-2313 or send us an email.